WiFi Speeds 101

WiFi Speeds 101

We recently published a support article that includes guidance about the Wi-Fi speeds you can expect with C Spire Fiber to the Home Internet service. The article contains a lot of detailed information to help you determine whether you’re getting the fastest possible performance with your particular devices, or if you need to consider changing something in your environment or upgrading your device to get the WiFi speed you want.

WiFi speeds to expect with C Spire Fiber to the Home

Speed estimates were determined for what we call ‘real world’ conditions taking into account things like:

  • The number of wireless devices connected to your network
  • The quantity and quality of the content being downloaded or uploaded
  • The distance between the device and the access point
  • Device characteristics, such as the 802.11 version

In all, we’ve outlined the maximum expected speed for devices such as:

  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • iPhone Devices
  • iPad Devices
  • MAC OS Computers & Laptops
  • Windows Computers & Laptops
  • Chromebooks

Check out the help article for full details.

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