C Spire Fastest ISP in Mississippi!

C Spire Fastest ISP in Mississippi!

Speedtest.net has proclaimed C Spire Fiber the fastest ISP in Mississippi for 2015.


Learn more about Speedtest.net’s methodology after the jump:


With over 5 million tests each day, Speedtest has the most comprehensive view of worldwide internet performance. We have worked diligently to devise the most accurate method for determining who are the fastest ISPs and mobile networks. Here’s how we did it.


While many ISPs offer various service tiers, our aim is to show who is fastest by showing the top performance achieved by each ISP. To do so, we calculate the 90th percentile download performance, or Top 10%, for each ISP’s Speedtest results. This accurately represents the customers who subscribe to faster service tiers and provides an accurate view of the top-end performance of a given ISP. Keep in mind, these customers are generally paying a bit more for this higher performance service.

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