A&E Networks, the company behind the cable channels Lifetime, History, FYI, amongst others, are making a change to the programming they provide on H2 (channel 758) and rebranding the channel as VICELAND.

Fans of popular H2 shows such as Ancient Aliens, Modern Marvels, America Unearthed, and Monster Quest can rest easy, however. These shows as well as other popular H2 series will now be moving to History!



What is precipitating this change?
VICELAND will meet the entertainment needs of a new generation of TV viewers, offering original content with a bold, distinctive voice made by and for young people.

Who will be receiving VICELAND?
All current H2 homes – if you had H2 service, you will now have VICELAND.

Is H2 going away?
While the network is going away, the very best signature H2 programming can now be found on HISTORY, such as Ancient Aliens, Modern Marvels and The Universe.

Will any H2 shows be featured on VICELAND?

Will I be able to watch VICELAND shows online?
Yes, on VICELAND.com, the VICELAND apps

Is VICELAND available in HD?
Yes. If you had H2 HD, you will have VICELAND HD.

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