How To Order Video On Demand

How To Order Video On Demand

Each month, C Spire Super HD™ TV delivers an amazing assortment of today’s hottest TV shows, videos and the latest movies, many of which are available weeks before Netflix or Redbox!

In this post we walk you through the steps you need to take to rent a movie and watch it in your home.

I. Browse Video On Demand Titles

Access the Video On Demand Library by using your remote control.

Press MENU > MOVIES > LIBRARY and click OK.

II. Find a Movie or TV Show to Watch

Using your remote, press the UP/DOWN and LEFT/RIGHT keys to navigate the Video on Demand Library.

When you find a category you’re interested in click OK to enter into that folder.

TIP: Try browsing MOVIES to find the latest movies.

III. Rent Your Video

Using your remote, click OK on the video you want to watch.

Then, click RENT.

If the movie requires payment, you will be prompted to enter your VOD PIN, which by default is 0 0 0 0 (four zeroes).

IV. Kick-Back and Enjoy Your Selection

Put your feet up. Make a bag of popcorn. And settle in for an amazing C Spire Super HD™ TV experience.

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