Coming Soon – All HD Channel Lineup

Coming Soon – All HD Channel Lineup

C Spire is pleased to announce an important transition to an all High Definition (HD) channel lineup.

Over the coming weeks, C Spire Super HD™ TV customers may notice the removal of many of the ‘extra’ Standard Definition (SD) channels typically found in the 2000-2999 channel range.

For channels where there is no HD option, we’ll continue to offer the SD signal. No change.

Important Facts

  • C Spire is offering All HD All The Time.
  • C Spire doesn’t charge for HD channels like our competitors. (In fact, we’re making it the new standard!)
  • Only channels that have both HD and SD feeds will be modified.
  • Only channels in the 2000 – 2999 range will be modified.
  • Channels with no HD feed (e.g., MeTV, Game Show Network, etc.) will not be modified.
  • Customers with SD TV’s will have content automatically downconverted to an appropriate signal to match their TV’s capabilities.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon – All HD Channel Lineup

  1. when is cspire going to get fiber to home in Alabama, its been in Mississippi for about two years now are we not valued coustmers here in Alabama,i’ve been with cspire for about 20 years now thank you


    1. Hi Dale – We’re thrilled to hear you’re interested in our Fiber to the Home service in Alabama! Our suggestion to you and others that want this groundbreaking service is to speak to your local government leadership and let them know you want C Spire Fiber to the Home in your neighborhood.


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