Month: June 2016

Mississippi State Television Goes Live On C Spire Fiber TV

Mississippi State Television Goes Live On C Spire Fiber TV

C Spire Fiber TV is pleased to announce our partnership with Mississippi State Television (MSTV) to bring the network’s fresh, homegrown programming to our customers across the state of Mississippi.

MSTV launches on channel 80 and is a fantastic, community focused addition to the Standard tv package.

In conjunction with this launch on C Spire FIber TV, Mississippi State University is producing new programming that leverages the expertise and creativity of its faculty, students, and staff that informs and entertains.

Music Makers Presents

Music | Thursdays at 7pm


Music Makers Presents is a half hour music performance program, featuring artists from across the Golden Triangle. Hosted by Anthony Craven, the program showcases original music and interviews with a variety of performers across a wide range of genres. New episodes air Thursdays at 7p.


Agricultural News | Fridays at 7pm


Celebrating its 39th season, Farmweek is Mississippi’s weekly agricultural affairs program. Produced by Mississippi State University Extension, the show discusses a number of topics relevant to one of Mississippi’s most important economies. New episodes air Fridays at 7p.

Wakeup Workout

Fitness & Wellness | Daily at 5am, 6am and 7am


Get your day started with Wakeup Workout, a daily half hour exercise program conducted by instructors from Mississippi State University’s Joe Frank Sanderson Center. A variety of workout methods, including high energy, Zumba, Pilates, and yoga, are presented each morning at 5a, 6a, and 7a.

And in addition to these awesome series, you can expect MSTV to deliver a wide variety of talk show, sports and special programming.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 on C Spire Fiber TV VOD

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 on C Spire Fiber TV VOD

It was 14 years ago that we first laid eyes on the bright-eyed, somewhat frumpy, and totally inept travel agent, Toula Portokalos. Ian Miller, the handsome teacher, took a liking for Toula, despite her large, zany family. Relive the laughs and follow Toula on a new life adventure as she helps her daughter prepare for college life. If you loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you’ll undoubtedly love My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2! This film is rated PG-13.

Film Synopsis:

Parenting and marriage is becoming tougher and tougher for Toula (Nia Vardalos) and her husband Ian. Not only has their relationship lost some of its spark, but they’re also dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter who clashes with Greek traditions. On top of that, Toula must contend with aging parents and the endless needs of cousins and friends. When a shocking family secret comes to light, the entire Portokalos clan makes plans to come together for an even bigger wedding than before.

Sally Field Shines in Quirky Love Tale: Hello, My Name Is Doris

Sally Field Shines in Quirky Love Tale: Hello, My Name Is Doris

Two-time Oscar Winner Sally Field leads a young yet capable cast in this delightfully quirky, indie tale of love. After attending a self-help seminar, Doris (Sally Field) decides to take fate by the hand and romantically pursue a much younger (and attractive) co-worker.

Sally Field is great in this film which scored 82% on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer. This film is rated R for some bad language.

If you love romantic comedies, then this film is for you! Order Hello, My Name is Doris today on C Spire Fiber TV.


10 Cloverfield Lane Now On Demand

10 Cloverfield Lane Now On Demand

10 Cloverfield Lane is a thrilling Mystery / Fantasy hybrid film that combines great suspense with strong character development. This film scored 90% on the Tomatometer and is rated PG-13 for some scary moments and language. The film stars John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr.

Film Synopsis:

After surviving a car accident, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up to find herself in an underground bunker with two men. Howard (John Goodman) tells her that a massive chemical attack has rendered the air unbreathable, and their only hope of survival is to remain inside. Despite the comforts of home, Howard’s controlling and menacing nature makes Michelle want to escape. After taking matters into her own hands, the young woman finally discovers the truth about the outside world.

Order 10 Cloverfield Lane and make any night movie night with C Spire Fiber TV.

Rio 2016 Olympics on C Spire Fiber TV

Rio 2016 Olympics on C Spire Fiber TV

While we may be over 50 days away from the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, we wanted to let you know that preparations are already underway to make this year’s olympics like no other before.

Your C Spire Fiber TV subscription will provide you with all the Live TV you can handle! In fact, we plan to broadcast more live events during the first day of competition that was available during all of the 1996 Atlanta games!

And nothing will prepare you for Streaming TV like C Spire’s Gigabit Fiber Internet. No other provider in Mississippi can match our speed and bandwidth. Couple that connection with the NBC Sports Live Extra App, and you have a recipe for Olympics success!


13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Now On Demand

Michael Bay co-produced and directed this film adaptation of the 2014 NYT bestseller, 13 Hours.

Film Synopsis:

On Sept. 11, 2012, Islamic militants attack the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith, an officer for the Foreign Service. Stationed less than one mile away are members (James Badge Dale, John Krasinski, Max Martini) of the Annex Security Team, former soldiers assigned to protect operatives and diplomats in the city. As the assault rages on, the six men engage the combatants in a fierce firefight to save the lives of the remaining Americans.

Rent this and other top films on C Spire Fiber TV Video On Demand.

Disney’s Zootopia Kicks Off A Summer Of Entertainment

Earning a whopping 98% on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, Zootopia is the top family-friendly film of the year!

Zootopia Synopsis:

From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live and thrive. When Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes the first rabbit to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Judy jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a wily fox who makes her job even harder.

Rent today on C Spire Fiber TV Video On Demand!

Programming Update on Channel 708

Programming Update on Channel 708

Starting on June 3, 2016, the programming on channel 708 will change from 3 Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) to Upliftv.  Upliftv airs a wide variety of faith based programming suitable for all ages.

ABOUT Upliftv

Upliftv is a unique new TV network that features more Christian and inspirational films than all other channels. Upliftv programs are a balanced combination of sermons and stories that include Movies, Documentaries, TV shows and Ministries.

C Spire Fiber TV Video On Demand – June 2016

C Spire Fiber TV Video On Demand – June 2016

June brings great entertainment choices for the whole family! We kick things off June 7th with Zootopia, Walt Disney’s second largest grossing original movie ever! Then on the 14th, take a trip across the pond and join Gerard Butler, Aaaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman in saving the world from sinister terrorists in London Has Fallen. On June 28th, get your Karate suit dry cleaned and ready for action because Jack Black is back and better than ever as everyone’s favorite Kung Fu Panda in Kung Fu Panda 3.

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