C Spire Fiber TV – Local Channel Fee Change

On July 1st, you’ll notice the Local Channel Fee (LCF) on your bill increase. Protected by federal law, the LCF is a fee that local broadcast television stations charge C Spire to redistribute their channels.

Recently, these broadcasters have significantly raised the fee, forcing us to pass some of the cost on to subscribers.

Starting July 1st, 2016 the LCF will increase around $2-4 based on where you live.

The new prices are as follows:

  • Jackson – $7.54
  • Quitman – $7.10
  • Starkville – $5.42

We want you to know— the funds collected for LCF are paid directly to these local broadcast stations. We do not profit from them in any way.  We bring this change to your attention as a part of our continuing commitment to clear and consistent billing.

To us, it’s an important part of being Customer Inspired.

3 thoughts on “C Spire Fiber TV – Local Channel Fee Change

  1. The LCF was part of the package I selected when I signed up, why are you charging we extra now. This is not good, I was assured my bill would not change unless I choose something different. This was one reason I changed, so now you are being just like all the other cable companies which does nothing but frustrate people. Unfair to consumers.


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