C Spire Fiber TV Ups Bitrate On Top Sports Channels

C Spire Fiber TV Ups Bitrate On Top Sports Channels

This past week, we took another step in upping the quality of your C Spire Fiber TV service by raising the bitrate to a whopping 9Mbps on top sports channels including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and the SEC Network!

Many of our customers remark that C Spire FIber TV delivers the sharpest, clearest picture they’ve ever experienced. And a big part of that comes from the fact that we deliver our TV product over Mississippi’s largest and fastest residential fiber optic network.

Improving Your Picture Quality

C Spire Fiber TV was already delivering HD content at around 5Mbps (Megabits per second). Now, we’ve turned the dial up to an unheard of 9Mbps–almost doubling the video data.


Click image to view simulated comparison.


For sports like Football, Basketball and Soccer, the ball, players and field is almost constantly in motion. Lower bitrates have trouble keeping up with a massive amount of change at a pixel level. The result is often a washed-out, blurry picture. Many call this pixelation, but the technical term for this is macro blocking.

For comparison purposes, many Cable and DSL providers serve up their content at a paltry 2-4Mbps. And that’s for HD!?!

By upping the bitrate to 9Mbps for the most popular sports channels, we’re now offering a picture better than anyone else over the fastest residential Fiber to the Home network.

In the coming weeks and months, we plan to continue improving the picture quality across your local channels and the most popular cable channels in your area.

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