C Spire Delivers Highest Bitrate for Locals In Mississippi

C Spire Delivers Highest Bitrate for Locals In Mississippi

When it comes to Digital TV (also known as IPTV), higher bitrates mean better quality. And nobody can beat the quality of picture we’re delivering to our esteemed customers in Jackson, Starkville and Quitman areas.

We’ve dialed up the bitrate to an unheard of 9.0 Mbps (Megabits per second) on your local HD network channels in these markets which means your favorite sports, network shows, documentaries and events will how be clearer than you’ve ever experienced before.

C Spire Fiber TV Local Channels at 9.0Mbps

Metro Jackson Market

  • 3 – NBC (WLBT)
  • 12 – CBS (WJTV)
  • 16 – ABC (WAPT)
  • 29 – PBS (WMPN)
  • 40 – FOX (WDBD)

Columbus / Tupelo Local Channels (Starkville)

  • 4 – CBS (WCBI)
  • 9 – NBC (WTVA)
  • 27 – FOX (WLOV)
  • 29 – PBS (WMPN)
  • 45 – ABC (WTVA)

Meridian Local Channels (Quitman)

  • 11 – ABC (WTOK)
  • 14 – PBC (WMPN)
  • 23 – NBC (WGBC)
  • 24 – CBS (WMDN)
  • 30 – FOX (WGBC)

It is important to note that C Spire Fiber TV delivers all available local channels to our customers. The channels above are just the ones we’re delivering at 9Mbps.

For a full list of all Local Channels, please see the C Spire Fiber website at: https://www.cspire.com/cms/home-services/packages/Fiber-Local-Networks/

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