C Spire Fiber TV Augments Global News Lineup

C Spire Fiber TV Augments Global News Lineup

C Spire Fiber TV is pleased to announce the addition of two international news networks to our already strong news lineup. CNN International on channel 503 and CNBC World on channel 507 are part of the Expanded Package. Click through below to learn more about these networks.

logo_cnniAbout CNN International

CNN International is an international english language network that carries news, current affairs, politics, sports, opinion and business reporting from across the globe.

CNN International Popular Programming

Amanpour. – Join Christiane Amanpour as she provides her powerful interview skills and provocative analysis on global stories that matter to you.

Quest Means Business – Richard Quest presents a round-up of the day’s global business news with focus on international business and market trends.

Connect The World – Becky Anderson joins the dots of stories by exploring how an event in one part of the world can have an impact elsewhere.

News Stream – Kristie Lu Stout hosts a news program powered by the smart use of technology to give viewers a better understanding of the world.


logo_cnbcworldAbout CNBC World

CNBC World, a service of NBC Universal, is a digital television network offering real-time coverage of global financial markets, live, worldwide. CNBC World combines the resources of CNBC Asia and CNBC Europe into a 24-hour a day, global business news network. cnbc.com/world/

CNBC World Popular Programming

The Rundown – Hosted by Akiko Fujita from the Singapore Exchange, The Rundown is your essential guide to begin your day. Catch up on all the buzz from Wall Street and arm yourself with everything you need to know for the coming Asia trading day.

Squawk Box Asia – Anchored by Bernie Lo from CNBC’s Hong Kong studio, Squawk Box, the marquee brand in business news, is where enlightening and engaging conversations about the top stories of the day take place. Get all your news and hear the views of top CEOs, influential asset managers and newsmakers.

Squawk Box Europe – Geoff Cutmore, Steve Sedgwick and Karen Tso talk to business leaders and financial specialists at the open of European markets

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