C Spire My TV Sunset Announcement

Since the launch of Super HD TV in November of 2015, the C Spire My TV app enabled subscribers to use their smartphones and tablets to act as a remote control and manage their in-home DVR. Given our recent launch of a wholly new and improved C Spire TV streaming service, we’ve made the tough decision to cease ongoing development of the My TV app in favor of focusing our efforts on adding the features and functionality our customers want most.

How does this impact my use of the My TV app?

  • Starting today, the C Spire My TV app will no longer be available for download from the Google Play or iTunes app stores. This means you will no longer be able to install the app on any new devices.
  • The C Spire My TV app will continue to work for the immediate future. However, changes to the way we receive our guide data or changes to the cable box software could render some or all features non-functional.
  • C Spire is ceasing ongoing support for this app. While we will work to help you use the app on your current devices, there is no way we can promise that whatever potential issue you encounter will be able to be remedied.

While our teams here are saddened by this news, we remain very proud of their accomplishments and the resulting positive experience enjoyed by our customers. As lovers of technology, we strongly urge you to consider upgrading to the C Spire TV streaming service today.

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