How to Change Your Wifi Password

How to Change Your Wifi Password

NOTE: This article concerns legacy C Spire WiFi routers (SmartRG & Netgear). We strongly recommend you consider upgrading to C Spire Smart WiFi powered by Plume®.  Learn how to manage your Smart WiFi password.

This article provides instructions on how to modify basic Wifi settings such as the Network Name (SSID) and Wifi Network Key (password) for your C Spire provided Wifi Router.

Identify Your Wifi Router

C Spire provides several different types of Wifi Routers. So the first step is identifying which piece of equipment you have. Take a look at the photos below and then scroll down to the instructions that correspond with the Wifi Router that you have.




The Smart RG 400AC Wifi Router provides C Spire customers with the ability to sign in to a specially created device management portal / website. It is through this website that you will gain access to various settings screens which allow you to modify things like the Wifi Password.

  1. While connected to your home network, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and go to the address:
  2. Sign in to the C Spire Wifi Router Management website using your router sign in credentials.
  3. smart-rg_login
  4. Click the WIFI link and then the 2.4Ghz Wireless link. Scroll down to the area titled “Primary SSID Configuration”
  5. Change the name of your 2.4Ghz network by modifying the value in the SSID field.
  6. Change the password to your 2.4Ghz network by modifying the KEY
  7. Repeat these steps for your 5Ghz Wireless and Guest Wireless networks.


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