Local Channel Fee Increases 2018

Local Channel Fee Increases 2018

Starting March 1, 2018, C Spire TV and SNAP customers will notice an increase to the Local Channel Fee you pay each month for the local channels carried in your area. The local channel fee is a fee passed directly through to the owners of the local channels for permission to broadcast their otherwise free signal via our service.

  • Columbus / Tupelo DMA — $9.55
  • Greenville / Greenwood DMA — $14.64
  • Hattiesburg DMA — $13.10
  • Jackson DMA — $13.20
  • Meridian DMA — $12.80

We bring this to your attention as part of our continuing commitment to clear and consistent billing. To us, it’s an important part of being customer inspired.

One thought on “Local Channel Fee Increases 2018

  1. This morning all the local channels aren’t coming through and pixelating. If you are going to charge more the quality of the broadcast and consistency of delivery needs to be fixed.


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