C Spire TV 1.13 Adds New Accessibility Features

C Spire TV 1.13 Adds New Accessibility Features

Starting today, C Spire TV subscribers will begin receiving an app update that includes some great new accessibility features that provides a way for you navigate the app, its menus and program guide using your voice.

Enable Voice Control

C Spire TV now supports voice control across a range of streaming media devices including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV.

Amazon Fire TVVoiceView
VoiceView is a screen reader for Amazon Fire TV devices. It speaks on-screen text out loud as you navigate menu options and settings on your Amazon Fire TV. You can also use VoiceView to help you set up your device.
Enable VoiceView on Amazon Fire TV.

Android TV – TalkBack
TalkBack is the Android OS screen reader feature that allows users to have the operating system provide voice feedback and take voice commands for screen navigation.
Enable TalkBack on Android TV.

Apple TV – VoiceOver
VoiceOver is a screen reader feature that makes it easier for those who have impaired vision to use Apple TV.
Enable VoiceOver on Apple TV.

These new features are based upon the FCC’s 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) that ensures a number of protections for people with disabilities.

Learn more and sign up for C Spire TV at: https://www.cspire.com/cms/home-services/packages/cspiretv/




2 thoughts on “C Spire TV 1.13 Adds New Accessibility Features

  1. I have noticed the Fire TV app backs up too far when I hit the rewind button. It used to back up around 10 seconds but for several months I have noticed it backs up more like 20 seconds. Is there any way to revert it to a 10 second jump or imbed an option to customize it in the app?


    1. Hi Zach – By default, the app is supposed to jump 12 seconds with each click. I will check w/ our video engineers to find out if there have been any changes. Thanks for bringing this up! – Rob


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