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Help Your Kids Be Internet Awesome!

Help Your Kids Be Internet Awesome!

In order for our kids to be able to take advantage of the internet, we need to be sure that they are prepared to make informed decisions. Google has created an interactive online game called Interland that allows kids to play and learn about internet safety at the same time.

Here are some of Google’s tips to stay safe online:

Smart – Share with Care

  • Thoughtfully consider what you share and with whom
  • Understand the consequences that come along with sharing
  • Keep extra sensitive information to yourself

Alert – Don’t Fall for Fake

  • Know how to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake
  • Understand phishing and how to report it
  • Spot the signs of a potential scam

Strong – Secure Your Secrets

  • Take responsibility for protecting important information
  • Craft a unique and memorable password
  • Create a strong password by combining characters, numbers and symbols

Kind – It’s Cool to Be Kind

  • Use the amplifying power of the internet to spread positivity
  • Block mean-spirited or inappropriate behavior
  • Speak up against bullying and report it every time

Brave – When in Doubt, Talk It Out

  • Speak up when you notice inappropriate behavior
  • Stand up when you see something you are not comfortable with
  • Report when you witness people being treated poorly online

Be Internet Awesome

How to Change Your Wifi Password

How to Change Your Wifi Password

NOTE: This article concerns legacy C Spire WiFi routers (SmartRG & Netgear). We strongly recommend you consider upgrading to C Spire Smart WiFi powered by Plume®.  Learn how to manage your Smart WiFi password.

This article provides instructions on how to modify basic Wifi settings such as the Network Name (SSID) and Wifi Network Key (password) for your C Spire provided Wifi Router.

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C Spire Home Services Extends Reach to New Mississippi Markets

C Spire Home Services Extends Reach to New Mississippi Markets

Great news Mississippi! Better Internet Has Arrived.

We believe that everyone deserves great Internet. So we developed an amazing new technology to deliver broadband speeds with better dependability to more people than ever before. We’re changing the face of home Internet in Mississippi and we’d love for you to be part of this homegrown, technology success story.

There’s a New Speed In Town

We’re rolling out a new service across eight towns primarily located in the Mississippi Delta and Northeast Mississippi that for years been significantly underserved with poor DSL or similar outdated technologies. Often resulting in Internet speeds of just 3-6 Mbps!


In these markets we’re offering a new Home Internet product that utilizes cutting edge wireless last-mile technologies to deliver download speeds of up to 25 Mbps for just $55/mo with a 12 month contract.

NOTE: Additional towns and communities will be added throughout the rest of this year!

Home Internet Product Highlights

  • Speeds up to 25Mbps down and 3 Mbps up.
  • $55/mo with a 12 month contract
  • One time $99 installation
  • High performance Wifi router available for just $10/mo
  • Locally based, 24/7 support.

See for additional product details and important disclaimers regarding this service.

Availability & Sign-Up


  1. Head on over to and click on the CHECK AVAILABILITY link.
  2. Enter the address for the location you’d like to have service at.
  3. Once you’ve checked your home service address for availability, give us a call at  1-855-CSPIRE6 (277-4736) to complete your order.
Getting The Best WiFi Performance In Your Home

Getting The Best WiFi Performance In Your Home

Nothing in Mississippi is faster than C Spire Fiber’s gigabit internet.  Ask anyone of the thousands of customers, and they’ll be sure to tell you so. But if you’re like most folks, a growing percentage of your data usage comes on wirelessly connected devices via your in-home WiFi. And as we’ve covered previously, as soon as you are on WiFi, you can expect your Internet speeds to drop significantly.

In this article, we take a look at a few tips you can implement to ensure you’re getting the absolute best out of your amazing C Spire Fiber Gigabit Internet connection when using WiFi.

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C Spire Claims Top Spot for Speed

C Spire Claims Top Spot for Speed

From the Hattiesburg American:

C Spire has claimed the top spot as Mississippi’s fastest fixed broadband Internet service provider (ISP) for the second year in a row, according to a new report by Seattle-based Ookla, the worldwide leader in broadband Internet connection testing and performance metrics.

Check out the full article over on the Hattiesburg American website

WiFi Speeds & Popular Smartphones

WiFi Speeds & Popular Smartphones

For many, smartphones have become an increasingly important entertainment device. In fact, the number of Americans watching videos on their smartphone jumped some 39% in just two years from 2013 to 2015. And while your C SPire Fiber to the Home Internet connection delivers close to 1 Gigabit / second upload and download speeds to your home, it’s important to remember that once you connect using your home WiFi, your speeds are going to drop.

In this post we take a closer look some of the most popular smartphones like the iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and we show what speeds you can expect when using your phone on your home WiFi.

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What’s a Gigabit?

What’s a Gigabit?

Gig is short for Gigabit which is a measurement unit commonly used when talking about Internet network speeds. So when you hear Gigabit or Megabit or Kilobit, you’re really talking about Bits Per Second (and multiples thereof). It’s a measurement of how many Bits (chunks of data) travel over a network per second.

When it comes to Internet Speeds, bigger is better. The more data your connection can support, the better quality video you can stream, the more video you can simultaneously stream, and the better overall experience you will enjoy.

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WiFi Speeds 101

WiFi Speeds 101

We recently published a support article that includes guidance about the Wi-Fi speeds you can expect with C Spire Fiber to the Home Internet service. The article contains a lot of detailed information to help you determine whether you’re getting the fastest possible performance with your particular devices, or if you need to consider changing something in your environment or upgrading your device to get the WiFi speed you want.

WiFi speeds to expect with C Spire Fiber to the Home

Speed estimates were determined for what we call ‘real world’ conditions taking into account things like:

  • The number of wireless devices connected to your network
  • The quantity and quality of the content being downloaded or uploaded
  • The distance between the device and the access point
  • Device characteristics, such as the 802.11 version

In all, we’ve outlined the maximum expected speed for devices such as:

  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • iPhone Devices
  • iPad Devices
  • MAC OS Computers & Laptops
  • Windows Computers & Laptops
  • Chromebooks

Check out the help article for full details.