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Coming Soon – All HD Channel Lineup

Coming Soon – All HD Channel Lineup

C Spire is pleased to announce an important transition to an all High Definition (HD) channel lineup.

Over the coming weeks, C Spire Super HD™ TV customers may notice the removal of many of the ‘extra’ Standard Definition (SD) channels typically found in the 2000-2999 channel range.

For channels where there is no HD option, we’ll continue to offer the SD signal. No change.

Important Facts

  • C Spire is offering All HD All The Time.
  • C Spire doesn’t charge for HD channels like our competitors. (In fact, we’re making it the new standard!)
  • Only channels that have both HD and SD feeds will be modified.
  • Only channels in the 2000 – 2999 range will be modified.
  • Channels with no HD feed (e.g., MeTV, Game Show Network, etc.) will not be modified.
  • Customers with SD TV’s will have content automatically downconverted to an appropriate signal to match their TV’s capabilities.