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All About Set Top Box Settings

The Settings Menu lets you customize many aspects of your Super HD TV viewing experience. Popular settings adjustments can be found within the Settings Menu such as Display Settings and Guide Settings.

Program Guide 101

The C Spire Super HD TV Program Guide is the central feature of your video service. It offers complete program listings, show times, descriptions and ratings. It even indicates if the program is a new episode!

In this video, we demonstrate how to open the guide, select a show, set a recording and more using your Willow Remote.

Recording Programs & Setting Reminders

One of our video service’s most popular features is the ability to record programs and whole TV series for viewing at a time most convenient to you. This technology is often referred to as a Digital Video Recorder, or more commonly, a DVR.

In this video, we take a look at the settings and options available to you on your DVR and also show how to use the DVR to set reminders about upcoming shows.

Controlling Live TV

It used to be if you missed a moment of your favorite show or wanted to watch your favorite team catch that touchdown again, you were sadly out of luck. C Spire Fiber TV however provides you with amazing control over any show you’re watching.

In this video, we explore how to pause, rewind, fast forward, and watch TV in slow motion using the Willow Remote.

Managing TV Favorites

Studies have shown that most people watch on average only 10 or so channels yet C Spire Super HD TV includes literally hundreds of amazing All HD, All The Time options. One way to remove some of the clutter that comes with so much choice is to set up a TV Favorites list. Your C Spire Fiber TV supports the creation of up to five (5) favorites lists that are in addition to several preset lists such as Sports, Movies and Kids’ Programming.

In this video, we demonstrate how to create your first favorites list and how to filter your guide using this list. Doing so will only show the channels you’ve added to this list. Try setting up lists for each member of the family ensuring they have access to the channels and programming the love most.

What’s on TV?

Need to know more info about the show that’s currently playing? This video walks you through the steps you need to take to see program information using your Willow Remote control.

Learn About The What’s Hot App

Despite hundreds of TV channels and thousands of Video On Demand titles to watch, we sometimes find ourselves lost without anything compelling to watch. C Spire has your TV and entertainment discovery solution…the What’s Hot app available via your remote and Set Top Box.

The What’s Hot TV App gives you a real-time peek into what others in your area are watching. What’s Hot App provides info on most watched TV programs, Recorded Programs and Series Recordings in your service area.

C Spire Remote Control Diagram

Use this diagram to become a pro with your C Spire Fiber to the Home TV Remote Control. The remote control featured below is the ‘Willow Remote,’ or sometimes referred to as the 2nd Generation Remote.


Pairing Your C Spire Remote With Your TV

Pairing Your C Spire Remote With Your TV

This article teaches how to pair your C Spire remote with your TV. Pairing your remote enables you to utilize your C Spire remote to turn the TV on/off and adjust the volume among other features.

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Control Your TV With Your C Spire Remote

This video walks you through the steps to pair your C Spire remote control with your TV. This enables you to control basic features such as power  on/off, volume control, and channel changes.